Yes, Neo Assure Pvt. Ltd. is a licensed Corporate Agent authorized by Nepal Insurance Authority. 

Neo Assure is a licensed Corporate Agent with no underwriting authority. Therefore, the policy will be issued from registered insurance companies of Nepal.

Yes, Neo Assure Pvt. Ltd. is governed by Nepal Insurance Authority; therefore, all provisions and rights made available by Insurance Companies can be exercised by our clients. However, such cancellations may be prone to cancellation charges. For more information, please contact our responders.


The first step in filing a claim is reporting the claim, which is called Claim Intimation. Once the claim has been intimated, the client can submit other related documents. The claim intimation deadline depends upon the type of insurance portfolio. For all portfolios except Group Medical Insurance, it is advised to intimate the claim within 7 days. For Group Medical Insurance, it is advised to intimate within a month. For more information, please get in touch with our claim responders.

Yes, in many cases, you have the right to appeal a claim decision if you disagree with the outcome.

Contact our claim responders or account managers and they will take it from there.


All of our clients will get Insurance Management Platform. Please contact our responders to request for the Username and Password.

Yes, you can initiate a claim as well as track it from the Insurance Management Platform.


There are two ways you can partner with Neo Assure Pvt. Ltd:

A. Provisional Partnership: In this form of partnership, customers can reach out to us as per requirement basis. Customers will have to frequently reach out to us for policy purchase.

B. Exclusive Partnership: In this form of partnership, customers and Neo Assure can enter into an exclusive agreement whereby Neo Assure will manage the entire portfolio for the client. Neo Assure will take full ownership of ensuring that policies are routinely renewed with all the required coverages.

Go to partner with us page, fill up your information and we will reach out to you. Or you can directly contact our responders to initiate a partnership.

Yes, you can dissolve the partnership as per the agreement.

Neo Assure is willing to sign an NDA, if required by the client.

Insurance Portfolio

Neo Assure deals with all insurance portfolios available in Nepal.



You have to make the payment before the issuance of policy. No insurance policy will be issued without the payment of the premium.

Yes, you will receive your invoice attached with the policy.